Cwmcoed Borzois

Cwmcoed is a small family kennel of Borzois, on our smallholding in a rural area of Monmouthshire. My dogs have their own enclosed grass paddocks with a variety of spacious weatherproof kennels. They also run in our fields and come into the house daily, where we relax together after morning excercise. I love to watch them run free and greatly enjoy their companionship. I love the borzoi breed for their athletic beauty, elegance, and relaxed, undemanding temperament when at rest.

Krilov and Edgar: January 2016

Krilov and Edgar in the snow

At play in the field. Krilov and Edgar, foreground; Mira and Praksi, background.

Zephy, Mira and Praxi race up the field. - Krilov, Edgar, Ruska and Lucy.

Praxi, Zephy and Mira with reflective eyes!


Edgar gazes over the woods.


All lie down before dinner is served.

All gone!- Please may we leave the table?

The dog paddocks; girls in the foreground, boys in the background.

Sariska enjoys a chew while the others race around her.


Zephyr and Krilov at play


Edgar, Sariska and Krilov running free

To see a video of my dogs running in the fields CLICK HERE

Walk in winter (January 2013).

Left: inside the stone built kennel. Right: Sariska emerges from the kennel through the plastic curtain.

Sariska and puppies in the mothers and babies unit.

Relaxing in the house.

Beautiful borzois- a calming influence.